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Sustainable Parasite Control: Test Don't Guess - Sheep Worms and Liver Fluke (2020) (NSA, Elanco & Moredun)

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  • Sheep Scab
  • Chewing Lice & other Ectoparasites
  • Diagnosis & Management of Abortion
  • Investigating Perinatal Lamb Mortality
  • Blowfly Myiasis
  • Nematodes of Sheep & AR
  • Managing Anthelminthic Resistance 
  • Investigating ill-thrift in growing lambs
  • Respiratory Diseases of Sheep
  • Trace Element Deficiencies
  • Diagnosis & Management of Neurological Disorders


Our Aim

“To promote the prevention
of disease and the welfare of
sheep by providing a forum
for discussion, distribution of
research results and provision
of advice on veterinary
matters relating to sheep”

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