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SVS and Flock health Club FREE webinars

Five FREE webinars were run from May to July 2020 and a total of 568 different participants were reached.  Although the majority of attendees were from the United Kingdom, there were also participants from Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Kuwait, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland!

These webinars are free to access and we have given participants the opportunity to contribute to either Send a Cow or Vet Life via the following link  We have so far raised £1090 for these charities.


UK Sheep Industry – Where are we & where are we going? (12th May)

The panel of Nick Hart (sheep farmer & SVS President), Phil Stocker (NSA) & Fiona Lovatt (Flock Health Clubs) will explore the current condition of the UK sheep industry & where we think we might be over the next five years. 

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How can vets best engage with sheep farmers? (26th May)

In this practical webinar, Fiona Lovatt & Phillipa Page discussed with sheep farmers exactly what they most value in their relationship with their vet & how they feel vets could most improve the service they offer.The panellists included Charles Sercombe (pedigree and commercial sheep farmer, chairman of SHAWG), Kevin Harrison (commercial flock manager, chairman of SCOPS), Pauhla Whitaker (organic sheep & beef farmer), Matt Blyth (recently large flock manager, now agricultural advisor).

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How can vets best ensure successful lamb growth? (9th June)

We will focus on optimum lamb growth and key influencing factors, including grassland management and parasites & how sheep vets are best able to interact with their sheep farmers on these topics with discussions between Lesley Stubbings, Liz Genever & Fiona Lovatt. 

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Sheep Flock Economics bottom line & showing cost benefit (23rd June)

Vets are very good at advising on health & disease but often less comfortable talking about individual flock economics. In this webinar Kate Phillips will cover practical flock accounting & share insights learnt from undertaking cost-of-production calculations for hundreds of flocks. 

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Flock Data Handling focus on key performance indicators (7th July)

A wealth of data can be collected on sheep farms via flock software but the data is not always used to its full potential or readily available to the vets. We will explore the veterinary possibilities whilst looking at different sources of flock data.

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Our Aim

“To promote the prevention
of disease and the welfare of
sheep by providing a forum
for discussion, distribution of
research results and provision
of advice on veterinary
matters relating to sheep”

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