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1998 Proceeding Index

SVS Committee 1997-1998:  Letter from the Editor

Spring Meeting 1998, Scarborough, Yorkshire

Immune responses to parasitic infections - D. Wakelin
Vaccination against protozoa - A.J. Trees
Prospects for vaccines against nematode parasites of sheep - W.D. Smith
The development of a vaccine against fasciolosis - D.J.L. Williams
Genetic resistance to Ostertagia circumcincta - M. J. Stear
Changing patterns of lamb distribution from farm to abattoir - Karen Murray
North York moors moorland regeneration programme - M. Graham
Sulphur toxicity in agroup of lambs - G. Baird
An unusual enzootic abortion outbreak - J. Earl
Fertiliser toxicity - J. Earl
Summary of workshop re. marketing and transport - J. Earl
Enzootic abortion control - latest findings - I. Mawhinney et al.
The epidemiology of scrapie in affected flocks - A. Hoek et al.
Mortality in the highly fecund lamb - J.M.L.Anderson et al.
The prevalence and risk factors for mortality in spring lambing flocks: across sectional study - L.E. Green et al.
The effects on lamb survival rate of supplementing ewes with vitamin E during late pregnancy - B. G. Merrell
Seasonal fluctuations in serum tocopherol concentrations in bovine and ovine samples - M. Bain et al.
Preliminary investigations of streptococcal arthritis in young lambs - G. Watkins
The use of joint ultrasonography for the evaluation of chronic ovine polyarthritis - A.I.Macrae and P.R.Scott
Lame excuses? - R. Grogono-Thomas, A.J. Cook And A.M. Johnston
Studies on mastitis in sheep at the Royal Veterinary College - J.E.T. Jones and G.H. Watkins

Autumn Meeting 1998, Chester, Wirral

Body condition score of ewes from 3 early lambing flocks - L.E. Green et al.
Economic impact of maedi-visna for commercial sheep flocks - G.J. Gunn et al.
Kale poisoning in hoggs associated with the application of sulphur containing fertilisers - G.L. Caldow et al.
Theory into practice: breeding aprolific four-teated ewe - A. Davies
DNA markers and genetic mapping In livestock - M. Hughes
Abomasal emptying defect in two suffolk cross ewes - L. Dannatt
Prevention and treatment of sheep scab with cydectin injection - D. Bartram and L. Parke
Hiccuping In late lactation ewes associated with hypocalcaemia and CCN -D. De B. Welchman and A.S. Kennedy
Rabies In Sheep - S. Bek-Pedersen
Swaledale encephalpathy - P. Watson et al.
The effect of nitric oxide donor on the cervix of the sheep - E. Aughey et al.
Unlucky or unreasonable question - D. Pepper
Ovine Johne’s disease in Australia - K. Abbott
Slaughter on-farm - Miriam Parker
Prp Protein genotypes In sheep and their association with scrapie - W. Goldmann
Developments In Prp genotyping - M. Dawson et al.
Importation Of New Zealand breeding sheep To United Kingdom - L. Stubbings et al.
Reversion and susceptibility studies - F. Jackson, E. Jackson & R.L. Coop

Plase note: At this distance removed in time technology is creaking ... I am unable to supply a complete list of this, or earlier, years!

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