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1997 Proceedings Index

Spring Meeting 1997 - Buxton

The effect of counter-selection on reversion to anthelmintic susceptibility - K. R. Hunt
Diagnostic ultrasonography in sheep practice - P.R. Scott and M.E. Gessert
Sheep and the internet - J.A. Spence
Paratuberculosis in wild rabbits - A. Greig
Johne’s disease: risks of interspecies transmission - J.M. Sharp
Vaccine development against Pasteurella infections in sheep - W. Donachie
Commercial development of Pasteurella Vaccines for sheep - S.B. Houghton
The sheep nasal bot fly (Oestrus ovis): a forgotten parasite - P.G. Bates
A recent outbreak of scrapie in the ESCA Suffolk flock - B.D. Hosie et al.
Ovine protozoan encephalomyelitis - G. Caldow et al.
Regional variation of EAE and Toxoplasma outbreaks - C. Lewis
Abortion survey in flocks vaccinating with Enzovax - I. Mawhinney and G.M. Webster
Molecular approaches to the epidemiology of ovine toxoplasmosis - M.R. Owen
Cryptosporidium - dissemination in the environment - R.L. Coop et al.
The incidence of CCN in a poll Dorset flock - G. Edwards
The prevention of coccidiosis in lambs at grass - T.W. Brodrick

Autumn Meeting 1997 - Cambridge

Maedi-visna in East Anglia - G.C. Pritchard
Welfare-friendly lamb and the supermarkets - D.C.J. Main
Pain and distress after castration in young lambs - P.D. Thornton and A.E. Waterman-Pearson
Assessment of chronic inflammatory pain after rubber ring castration of six week old lambs - J.E. Kent et al.
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis infection in young grazing sheep - G. Baird et al.
Sheep scab - an update on history, control and present situation - C. Lewis
The welfare aspects of sheep scab - M.J.Corke
Clinical complications of sheep scab and the effect of corticosteroids - S. Bellworthy et al.
Use of injectable doramectin in the treatment and control of sheep scab - R.E. Purnell
Acaricide resistance in sheep scab mites - Peter Bates
Maternal behaviour of sheep - influences of experience, litter size and breed of ewe and lamb - A. Lawrence and C. Dwyer
Welfare of hill sheep in the Highlands and Islands - a new welfare orientated management system - A.J. Macnab
Blowfly strike in sheep - preliminary investigations into the ageing of lesions - B. Groves
Monensin and sheep: observations and a case report - M.W. Sharp et al.
Virulent foot rot in a sheep flock - A.C. Winter
Regurgitation in a goat caused by visceral caseous lymphadenitis - P.Henze
An outbreak of Morel’s Disease among Lacoune sheep imported to Demnark - S. Bek-Pedersen
Outbreak of salmonellosis in sheep on 5 farms associated with the serotype Salmonella hindmarsh - R.G. Daniel et al.

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