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Vets receive awards celebrating achievements at the British Veterinary Association’s Members’ Day

Congratulations to Professor Julie Fitzpatrick OBE for being awarded The Chiron Award  for her exceptional contribution to veterinary...

Thank you from Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis would like to thank all the delegates at the recent conference this month for their understanding, friendship and support in these difficult days.



In response to a recently published incorrect article, the Sheep Veterainry Society would like to point out that a sheep scab mite will survive off the sheep and remain...

New map reveals blowfly strike reported across the UK

Sheep farmers nationwide are reporting the first incidences of blowfly strike in their regions, warning other farmers the parasite is threatening flocks across the UK....

Cert AVP (sheep) half day CPD course for candidates submitting work

This short four hours’ course will discuss cases reports, literature searches and critical reviews which represent the only submissions necessary for the B-module and C-...

Talking Sheep Meetings for 2014

Following the success of “Talking Sheep” organised by the Sheep Veterinary Society over the previous winters, we are pleased to announce...

Dates announced for Liver Fluke CPD Scotland

Following on from the success of the Liver Fluke CPD around England, we are planning to proceed with two events north of the border:

Thursday 30th January...

Webinars new for 2014

Webinars now available for 2014.  Following the sucess of 2013, the only difference is that the content will be more detailed.  An example is ectoparasites where...


EBLEX would like to invite you to an afternoon of CPD on liver fluke issues in sheep and cattle.  This CPD has been put together by the Sheep Veterinary Society (SVS) and...

Cheshire sheep vet Chris Lewis wins scientific award

Chris Lewis was announced as the recipient of the British Veterinary Association’s most prestigious scientific award at its Members’ Day on 26th September for his...


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