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Cert AVP (sheep) half day CPD course for candidates submitting work

This short four hours’ course will discuss cases reports, literature searches and critical reviews which represent the only submissions necessary for the B-module and C-modules of the CertAVP(Sheep).  Note that there is no longer any formal written examination component.  There is no return to undergraduate rote learning; candidates select stimulating and challenging cases from their own practices promoting exchange of new practical information with colleagues.  The primary aim of this course is to assist the formal recognition of candidates’ expertise in sheep health and production – the award of the CertAVP(Sheep) by the University of Edinburgh.

By way of introduction, the course presenters Neil Sargison and Phil Scott, will critically review their own case reports, In Practice and Veterinary Record articles with colleagues and outline what would be considered suitable case studies and how best to present candidates’ work.  We will then discuss anonymous and voluntary first draft submissions from the audience; this process will be constructive, supportive and friendly comment as the presenters’ own work has already been reviewed.  On-line support of CertAVP(Sheep) candidates by way of an Internet group will be provided after the meeting to assist completion of the modules.


The Webbington Hotel & Spa (immediately after Spring Conference)


Wednesday 21 May 2014


2 – 6 pm


£ 60.00 includes afternoon tea and course material

Course limited to 30 delegates with preference given to those enrolled for the CertAVP(Sheep).

Recent advances in clinical practice will be discussed in the second session after tea.

Please bring along a memory stick for course material to avoid any printing costs.

More information and booking form under the Spring Conference

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